Friday, February 22, 2008

Prayer Request - Jake!

Prayer Request
I read Nolan's blog this morning and noticed that Jake was rushed to the hospital late last night. According to his blog, when Jake took his tubby, Liz noticed an abscess on his rectum. They were going to wait and take him to the doctor this morning, but then he began running a fever. Today, the doctors drained the infection and they want him to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. I emailed Sandy to find out if the doctors are going to run test on it and what caused it. I promised Nolan that I would call to check on him, but Katie and I didn't get back home until 9:30 p.m. and stayed on the phone until 10:00 p.m. I didn't think Sandy nor Nolan would appreciate me calling so late. Hopefully, Sandy will email me tomorrow and keep me up-to-date. I emailed one of our MOMs leaders from church to get a prayer chain started for Jake. Please keep Jake and his parents in your prayers. I can't imagine what they might be going through. I'm sure this is very upsetting and worry-some.

Katie and I rushed through the house cleaning like mad, so we could have an evening of Mommy-Daughter time. We got dressed up and went shopping. As I told you yesterday, Gymboree was having a great baby sale. Katie picked out a cute baby doll style yellow shirt with different colored flowers all over it. It's from the Rainbow collection. She told me, it was her favorite. I went ahead and got the matching cloth headband. I have to say, this outfit is adorable on her. I didn't think it would have been this cute. If Katie will keep the cloth headbands on, I would love to keep them on her all Summer. I just don't know if she will or not. I think the plastic headbands hurt her head. I know they do me that way. Personally, I like the cloth better. She wanted a turtle shirt and I would have loved to get her one, but the one I liked the most wasn't on sale. It was a 3T, but it was in the bigger girl's section of the store. It's a green and white striped tank top with a turtle on the front with rhinestones. Katie really liked it, but I didn't see paying $19.50 for it. I also wanted to get this pink lollipop with rhinestones shirt, so cute. It wasn't on sale either. I guess, we'll wait. They were out of 3T in the green ice cream smocked shirt, but the sales clerk let me order it on the phone. I didn't know they did that. Where you can order something that they don't have in stock and they will ship it to your address, not charging you for shipping. I did get the "Hippity Hoppity" bunnies and barrettes that match. I let Katie take out some of her money out of her Piggy Bank to spend on whatever she wanted today. I've never let her do that until today. I don't think she understood fully, but she enjoyed picking out everything she wanted. We were disappointed in Disney. I think they are in between the Winter-Spring change. The only thing Katie really wanted was a Snow White cup with straw for $2.99. We are gradually getting away from sippy cups and going to regular small cups and cups with straws. She likes to tell me what cup she wants to drink out of every day. She has been known to change her mind several times throughout the day. Girls! At The Children's Place, I picked her up a sweet "Birthday Princess" tee and a pair of sunglasses. Right now, I think her favorite color is yellow. If you remember last week, she insisted on buying a yellow sleeveless eyelet dress as her "Happy Birthday" dress. Today, she wanted the rainbow collection yellow shirt and at TCP she found a pretty yellow dress. She begged me for the dress and wouldn't let go of it. She was upset for a little bit because I didn't get it for her. We had a blast in Target. She did find a Rhinestone Sleeping Beauty & Butterfly Barbie Dolls, she had to have with her money. I went ahead and got her a pair of white sandals with wedges. Yes, I got wedges for my little girl, but they are adorable on her and she loves them.

Katie only got an hour nap today during our excursion; therefore, she was a terror the rest of the day. She loves pushing my buttons. She was either pulling on my sweater (stretching it) grabbing at me (telling me she was going to get me) or swatting at me (when I wouldn't let her get her way). On the way home, we were singing "Little Bunny Foo Foo" when all so the sudden I heard some familiar 80s music on the radio. Well, I began singing that music and Katie had a complete come-a-part. Picture this! While she is fastened in her car seat, she is kicking and screaming "no Mommy, no!" I turned the radio down and asked her what was the problem. All upset, she said "don't sing that song, Mom! No, no Mommy." I thought she didn't like my singing. So to see if that was the problem, I began singing "Little Bunny Foo Foo" again. She had no problem then. In fact, she sang along with me. I started singing the 80s music again and would you know that little turkey began throwing a fit again. I told her that I was the Mommy and I can sing whatever I wanted to and for her to straighten up or I was going to take away her Barbie. She didn't like it, but she shut up.

Katie and I came home tonight to a very sick Daddy. Doug didn't sound or look good at all. He took a shower to see if that would help him feel better. For fear of us getting this sickness again, Katie and I are camping out in the Living Room. What fun! Katie is ill with me. She wants to play around in the Living Room, tearing up jack. She's mad at me now because I told her to get back up on the couch and not to get off. I've threatened to take her to her bedroom and /or take away her Barbie doll. She's so whiny & crabby. Ugh! I guess I had better stop typing, so she'll calm down and go to sleep before I loose my mind.

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sarah and allan said...

LOL, you are not the first. /Emma has done the exact same thing with the radio to me. In fact she use to tell me which songs were either her dads songs or her mom's songs and i wasn't suppose to sing those! that didn't go over well with me either. So we use to turn on the radio and dance around she would have such a good time dancing she wouldn't care what we were singing. lol but i hear taking away barbies works on just about everything. lol!

The Thorsrud Family said...

haha. I love the part about Mommy can listen to whatever she wants or you were going to take away her favorite barbie. That's hilarious!!! I hope you read the blog. When docs got into surgery they were happy to see that it wasnt as bas as they had anticipated. So Jake got to come home WAY early. Friday at 2:00 we were released. Thank you for the prayers! It was scary because there was some unknown. That's always scary. HE is almost back to his old self already. As soon as the abscess was drained he had relief. Thank goodness. Have a great weekend! We love you :0)