Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Country Needs Your Prayers!

Wow! The storms that came through here early this morning was an experience. Our weather station warning for our county woke us up around 3:30 this morning. According to the Meteorologist on our local news, indicated some strong circulation very near us. I looked out the window and the lightning was so strange. There wasn't much thunder, but the lightning was constant just like a huge strobe light. We are alright. The path of the storm went between all of our relatives, including us. I checked on Mom this morning and they survived as well.

According to the news this morning, the storms wreaked havoc on most of the southern states. Thus far, Tennessee reported 24 people dead, Arkansas had 13, Kentucky had 7 and Alabama reported 4 people dead. There are several injuries, missing people and lots of property damage.

Please keep these people in your prayers. What they must be going through? We take so much for granted.

Even though we've gotten tons of rain this past few days, we still need more in order for our water levels to go back up. It's like the earth drinks up all the water that falls as soon as it lands on it's surface. A few people from our church has started up a Rain Prayer Rally for February 22nd. The meeting will be held in a conference room at one of our local hotels. I don't think God cares if the prayers go up to Him from a conference room or your own private home. Please remember us here in the South and please ask God to continue to bless us with rain and more rain. Thank you ahead for all the thoughts and prayers!

Here's the picture of Fairy Katie be-bopping around the house telling me she was going to Walmart. Her imagination grows every day. She plays with her dollhouse all the time. She puts her dolls to sleep (talking to herself) and then she pretends to sleep as well. She told me earlier that Shrek wanted to go outside to play, but it's too cold. She puts two and two together. She asked me if her Daddy was at work. When I told her that he was at work, she said she was going to see him tonight when it gets dark outside.

Themes for Katie's Birthday Party

I thought we had the themes narrowed down between "Hello Kitty" and "Strawberry Shortcake." Katie caught me looking at birthday supply websites and she saw "The Wizard of Oz" party supplies. "Doroty, look Mom it's Doroty." She said. She went on to say that she liked Dorothy. I asked her if she would like a Dorothy birthday party? Her eyes all wide open, she said "yeah!" She also pointed out "The Little Mermaid" and "Cinderella." She said that she liked them too. I had to add them to the list. Maybe when we get closer to the birthday party, she'll narrow it down a little more.

Laura, I noticed your Bama icons/clip art and I don't know why I didn't think of it. I thought that was a good idea, so I went on Photobucket and got a few Bama clip arts to decorate my blog as well. Thanks for the idea!

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Laura said...

Cute picture of Katie! I showed it to Alise and she said, "Katie is so silly!" Glad you found the Bama images!!