Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary Nolan & Liz!

I would like to wish Nolan & Liz a very Happy Anniversary!!

Well, we got a few things marked off of our long "To Do" list. It was such a beautiful day! Doug took advantage of this perfect day to wash the car, while Katie and I picked up sticks and packed away the last of the Christmas decorations. For several months, I have been wanting to clean out the inside of the truck. Things would always come up or I would completely forget, so I was determined to get it done today. Katie seemed a little bored outside, so I got out the sidewalk chalk. We had a great time drawing on the driveway; however, she got mad at me when I was trying to teach her about sharing. She wouldn't let me have any chalk to draw and I'm not going to have a selfish child. At that moment, I knew it was time to go in the house and rest. Millard and Peggy drove up for a quick visit, while I was putting all the toys away for the day. The rest of the day, we watched movies and eBayed. Doug stopped by the movie place and rented "No Reservations" for me. I've been wanting to see it for months now. It's a good chick flick and I think Doug even liked it because I heard him giggle a couple of times. "The Holiday" is showing on Starz this month and I've been watching it a half a zillion times. I just love this movie. Right before Christmas, Doug found the preplayed version on sale at "Movie Gallery" for $4.99. I was so tickled that he got it for me.

I've been watching these two sundresses on eBay. Doug and I liked them and thought Katie would look cute this Summer in them. They are both Gap brand names, so I know their made well. I was excited that we won the auctions! The handkerchief dress is brand new with tags and the other lavendar dress is like new. The floral headband is included. It wasn't bought at Gap, but it was bought for this dress. I'm a little disappointed. I listed some more dresses and outfits for Easter on eBay and I only have a couple of watchers. I try to think positive because they still have a day or so to go before the auctions end. I think maybe I've got them priced too high. The last bids, I thought I had some of my dresses priced too low. Go figure! I guess, if they don't sell, I can always re-price them and list them again.

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sarah and allan said...

i love that picture of all you sisters. It's good. Poor katie learning to share. lol. That's a tough one i think. I'm not sure which one is tougher potty training or learning to share. I'm trying to figure out how to get lilly to sleep in her own little bed in our room.. that seems to be the tough one for us. boo.