Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy 12th Anniversary - Baby!

Happy Anniversary Baby! I've got you on my mind! I would like to wish my wonderful, thoughtful, sexy husband a very Happy Anniversary. We have shared 12 wonderful and memorable years together. Hopefully, we'll share another 12 more wonderful years together.

Millard and Peggy picked Katie up to spend the night with them Friday night. Again, Doug and I didn't know what to do. Sometimes I have to ask myself, what did I do when I wasn't a Mom. We went to Johnny's for our Anniversary dinner. I had to stop by Books-a-Million and pick up some cards. Guess what? In one of my past postings I mentioned the children book series called "The Froggy Books." Well, BAM had one of the Froggy books on sale for $5.97, "Froggy rides a bike." I had to get it for Katie's. I just wished some of the other Froggy books were on sale. There are quite a few Froggy stories. It is so cute! Another series of story books I would like to add to Katie's library is the bear books - "Bear Snores On" is one of the books. We have "Bear makes a friend" (something like that). Anyway, I think they are precious story books. We've read almost all of Eric Carle books that's Katie's age. There are two or three Eric Carle books, I feel are for more advanced reading. I checked out "Mister Seahorse" by Eric Carle from the Library this past week. Katie seems to like it, but nothing like "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and "Polar Bear, Polar Bear." I bought her "The very hungry Caterpillar" and "The quiet cricket" a couple of months ago to add to her library. She's starting to warm up to them.

Do you find yourself not knowing when to stop buy things for your child's birthday or special occasion? Ugh!!! Sometimes, I feel like we are going broke buying stuff for her. Of course, they are things that we would like to get her for her special day. I don't think we are going to get her table & chairs in before her birthday party. I ordered them through the Step 2 company. I was wanting to go through Toys R Us or WalMart, but Step 2 was much cheaper then either one of these places. I couldn't hardly believe it. Doug and I wanted to get the Lifestyle Collection folding table and chair (for easy storage) from Step 2. We saw one on display at Toys R Us and Doug didn't want it right then. Instead, he wanted me to just order it from home for her birthday. Well, the set I wanted was the tan instead of the colored. Apparently, this set is in high demand because Step 2 had them on back order. I'm hoping to get it before the party because Alise is coming and I think this set will make it easier for the girls to play and eat at a table their size. I'm wanting to get Katie this musical doll, like we got Alise, as a keepsake. I think these little dolls are so precious! They have the windup on the bottom and their little heads move while it plays the music. I haven't even gone back to the store that I picked Alise's up to see if they have anymore. Lord willing, when I go back they'll have them in stock.

Yesterday, Doug & I did a few small chores around the house. We took Millard and Peggy out to dinner for his birthday. He wanted to go to Logan's. Ever since my Mom's Birthday party this past February, Millard & Peggy have been hot for Logan's. tehe! I didn't know it until last month, but Peggy had never been to Logan's until my Mom's party. I had their Southwest Chicken, it was juicy good. Katie doesn't like sitting in a highchair in restaurants, so us getting a booth helped a lot. Katie sat between Doug and myself and was showing out! I sure hope my friends are right when they said she'll be out of the terrible twos soon.

As some of you know, I take care of the 2 year olds once a month. Katie moved up to the 2 year old class a couple of months ago. Because of Ryan's Graduation & Decoration Day, I've had to get a substitute for my class. Today was the first day, I got to be in Katie's class with her. I don't know if this is going to work or not. I told Truett, I would see if it would work. I hate dropping the class because he is so short on help with the preschoolers as it is. If anything, I guess I could move into the 3 year old class until Katie moves up. I'm hoping why she was grumpy today was because she decided to get up at 6:30 this morning. She was tired and whining. At the playground, all the other children were running around and playing. Katie saw me holding Harrison and she didn't like it at all. She kept it up until I put Harrison on one leg and Katie on the other. She tried her best to push Harrison off my lap. Well, Harrison is a year older then Katie and a big boy, so she wasn't making any headway. He just looked at her. I explained to him that she is jealous. When we got back in class, she finally got over it and continued playing with Claire and Sophie. I think Claire and Sophie are her close friends because she would just hang with them. Claire is a little older, almost 3 years old, but she is like the big sister to Katie. She really takes care of Katie as far as playing and taking up for her. Preston, in Katie's class, is a little girl crazy boy. He likes to get in the girls face and act funny to get their attention. Some little girls think it's funny, but there are some that find it annoying like Kaitlyn. I had to tell Preston to stop aggravating Katie. Everytime he got in her face, she would get mad. First she hit him and then run away from him yelling. I guess he did that a couple of times to her and another girl before I had to tell him to stop. I was afraid he would get hurt. Sure enough, he pushed too many of Sophie's buttons and he fell and bumped his head.

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