Thursday, June 21, 2007

Special Prayer Request

My friend, Toni, is in the Critical Care Unit at a local hospital. She was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease a few years ago at the age of 41. It is very rare for someone at that age to have Parkinson's. She has lived nearly 10 years suffering from this disease. She has gone from every drug on the market, severe brain surgeries, in and out of hospitals to eventually the Nursing Home. Her disease has taken over her life and family. It is so sad and painful to watch! Yesterday, one of the nurses at the Nursing Home found her non responsive in bed. At first they thought she had a heart attack, but it was ruled out by the time she reached the hospital. June and I went this afternoon to see her, but it was hard to bare seeing her. She was hooked up to all of these machines - life support. I was afraid to touch her for fear I might disturb a wire or tube some where. I tried stroking her finger and talking to her. I wanted to let her know we were there and just wanted to see her open her eyes. She kept making these faces like she was in pain. I don't know if it is a good sign - making pain faces - with her being basically non responsive. Doctors still don't know what's wrong with her, but do feel she had a seizure at the Nursing Home. Please keep her in your prayers. I don't know how to ask you to pray - to survive or die. God knows how much suffering she has had to bare and I don't know if she can handle anymore. Only God knows! Sometimes, I feel she would be better off going on to be with the Lord and leave this world and pain. June and I really felt this was probably the last time we will see her again, but God may have another plan for her. I know God's Will will be done. I just hate to see her suffer anymore than she has already.

Also, please remember Kaitlyn as well. As some of you already know, she's been fighting a bad cold she caught last Sunday (Sunday School Class). Last night, she had bad diarrhea before bedtime. No problem, I immediately took her off milk and juice. I had Doug go to the store and get her favorite yogurt and some Pedialyte. Fortunately, he came back with Propel water as well. She hates the favored Pedialyte, even if you add Sugar Free Cool Aide with clear Pedialyte. Last time she got sick, she would drink the plain clear Pedialyte without the Cool Aide. Unfortunately, the clear Pedialyte wasn't going to help me this time. She took one sip and she made this awful face. Yuck! She wouldn't touch it and she begged me to give her milk. I felt terrible. During the night, she woke up crying. I couldn't calm her down and the more she cried the more she gagged. So, I picked her up, wiped off her tears and we went to the Living Room and rocked for a little while. Rocking her seems to calm her down pretty good. About an hour later, I put her back to bed and she drifted off to sleep. Bless her heart! This morning, she seemed to be doing better but she had a slight temperature. Ugh! I knew if she didn't feel better by this afternoon, I was going to have to cancel going with June to the hospital. I put some Tylenol in her and put her to bed. She went right to sleep, which isn't like her at all. I knew she didn't feel good. After she woke up from her nap, she felt much better. No temp, no diarrhea, she ate two hot dogs for lunch and ready to go outside to play. Okay! Everything looked good enough for me to go with June. Mom came over and stayed with her, while I was gone. I explained to Mom what's been going on and she agreed with me that it might be just a little bug. By the time we got back home, poor Mom didn't know what to do. She said Katie started acting like she didn't feel good. They went outside to play, but they didn't stay long because Katie wanted to go back in the house (not like her). Mom said she kept coming over to her and cry a little bit. Mom said she felt hot, so she gave her some Tylenol. Doug got home just in time to help out Mom. He took Katie's temp and it was around 101 degrees. I felt so bad for both Mom and Katie. I shouldn't have left when I knew she hadn't been feeling all that great today. I'm a bad Mom! When Mom and June left to go home, I put Katie in the tub. I put some Vapor in her tubby and just let her play for a length of time. She was having a blast! A tubby always seems to help lower her temperatures. I let her run around in her diaper until it was time to get ready for bed. Doug went out and got us some more Motrin, Tylenol & Gatorade for Katie. While he was gone, Katie sat in my lap and ate two tubes of yogurt and a stick of cheese. I don't know if it gave her a bellyache or not because when I put her to bed, she kept rubbing her stomach. Every once in a while, she would start crying. I asked her if it hurt. She'd say "uh, huh." I eventually got her back out of the bed and we went to the rocker. Doug seems to think she was playing me because her stomach ache went away. She was so tired because as soon as I put her back to bed, it didn't take her long before she was out. I'm hoping she'll feel much better tomorrow.

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