Monday, June 18, 2007

Start Potty Training Again?

Okay, we are going through the sporadic potty training phrase. What do you mean, you ask? Well, there are days or most of the time, moments, where Katie feels she must announce to the world, she has "Poopied!" For a little while back, she'd wake up in the morning hollering "Mommy, I poopied!" She obviously can't tell the difference between poopy and pee-pee. She calls it all "poopy." She likes sitting on her Dora the Explorer Potty Seat. There are times when I catch her sticking her leg or hand inside the potty, as she is sitting on her seat. I'm hoping to get her broke from sticking her body parts in the potty. This morning, she came and told me she had to go poopy in the potty. Okay and away we went to the bathroom. Not expecting anything, I left her on the pot to get her another diaper. I took my time, straightening up her room and she started hollering "Mommy, Mommy, I poopied in the potty." Still not expecting anything because this has happened before and nothing has ever happened and sure enough as I'm walking down the hallway, I could hear her pee-peeing in the potty. Hurray!!!! Her eyes were huge with pride and she was so excited, she had to tell me 4-5 times that she poopied in the potty. I was so proud of her, we started hollering and I couldn't praise her enough. She had this big grin on her face. I really didn't have anything to give her at the moment as a reward for her effort. The last time she pee-peed in the potty, we went to WalMart that afternoon and she got a prize. So it was easy at that moment, but I wasn't planning on going any where today. I went little overboard on the birthday gifts this year, so I let her have the Snow White doll, she wouldn't let go a month ago from WalMart. I explained to her why she was getting a prize and her little face lite up when she saw Snow White. She kept saying "Snow White, Snow White" over and over. I asked her if she liked her and she responded, "uh huh, Mommy. Snow White cute." Cute is one of Katie's new words, she likes to say a lot. If we go shopping, I ask her if she likes something and I'll get "uh huh, Mommy, cute." I've been teaching her to say "pretty," it's cute hearing her say it.

When Katie got her Snow White doll this morning, she insisted we watch "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs" today. She loves the dwarfs, she thinks they are so funny. She held her doll the whole time she watched the movie and every once in a while, she would tell me she had Snow White. As most of you know, she's been getting over a bad cold. Bless her heart, I don't think she was feeling too good today because she really wasn't in her usual rambunctious mood. In fact after her nap this afternoon, she was a little clingy & whiny. All she wanted was for me to hold her and Snow White. I felt bad for her, so I let her watch "Beauty & the Beast." This movie along with "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs" is one of her new favorite movies. She has so many favorite movies, we now have to stand in front of the display case and decided what movie we are in mood for. She's her Momma's girl - LOVE MOVIES! I've been looking at eBay for Snow White, Beauty & The Beast & Sleeping Beauty DVDs. Wow! I could kick myself now for not getting the DVDs when they were out on the shelves a few years ago. I have several Disney animated movies on VHS, I've been collecting since 1992. My VHS videos are shot! I don't know if it is the heat in the entertainment center or from old age, but everyone of my videos are in terrible shape. I never took the wrapper off "101 Dalmatians" until just recently and would you believe it had places in it in terrible condition. I've been watching some auctions for these movies and I finally had to delete my watch on a few because the bids would be as high as $30.00 or more per DVD. Oh my gosh! I found a few sites from Canada & Malaysia selling these videos, starting bid at $.099, but I felt nervous about these sites. Lord willing, I'll be able to get one or more DVDs for Katie some day.

Take care and have a good day!

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