Friday, June 15, 2007

How to Use Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0

The following instructions will show you how to edit your movie clips in Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 and prepare them to be uploaded into Google Video for posting purposes into Google Blogger.

How To Use Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0

Insert your Mini DVD into the disc holder & copy the disc onto the harddrive. Make sure it is copied to your specific place.

Open Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0

Open the video clip in Adobe
1. Select “Get media from:”
2. Click on “Files & Folders”
3. Browse to find file
4. Open the actual clip you want. This will take some time of load.

In order to create the video clip.
1. Under “Media,” click & drag the clip into Video1 below timeline. This will probably take awhile depending on the length of clip. Note: Your Audio should show underneath the video.
2. View your movie, if you don’t know where or what you want to split and cut out. Note: Watch your length of the finished movie, you want to show on the blog. I would recommend no longer than 4 minutes.

How to cut out or split a video clip?

Go to desired area, you would like to start or stop. In the preview screen, notice the button in the bottom left corner. There is a button named “Split Clip.”

Click on Split Clip. You will notice a marker created on the video timeline below.

If you want to delete a section of the video, select the clip on the video timeline. Make sure the clip you want cut out is highlighted. Right click on your mouse, select “Delete and Close Gap.”

Your Ready to Upload to Google Video?

Save your video as a different name onto the desktop.

Click on “Export.”

Select “Windows Media.”

Select “OK.”

Name the file again. Doing this will save the file as a .wmv. Google Video will not accept an Adobe Premiere Element file (.prel). Maybe this will change in the future.

Open Google Video. Read “How to Post Personal Videos onto Google Blogger from Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0.”

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