Thursday, June 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Millard!

I would like to start off by wishing my father-in-law a very Happy 64th Birthday! I know he had a wonderful day because he and Peggy finally got their floor installed. Hurray!!!! The guy, they've been dealing with, called them and his crew had the floor finished in less than 2 hours. They are coming by tomorrow to pick up Katie for the night. They love it when she spends the night. I know they will all have a good time and I think Mommy needs a little break. Of course, we'll have to check in with them once or twice before bed time.

I think Katie is slowly turning into a little Disney Princess fan, which there is nothing wrong with that. I've been talking to her about her up coming birthday and she would have a Princess party. I also have told her about all the people coming to her party. Today while we were in WalMart, I started talking to her again about her party. She kept saying "Princess party." "Yes." I told. I asked her who was a princess and she looked so puzzled. So, I started naming off all the Disney Princesses, I knew. She just looked at me funny. I asked her if she would like to look at a princess. "Uh, huh." she said. I took her down the baby doll & pretend play aisle. On one of the Disney Princess toy boxes was a picture of all the Disney Princesses. Her eyes lite up, like it finally clicked in her head. There were some Disney Princess barbie dolls on the shelf. She wanted to see them, which I had no problem with her looking at them. She kept hugging on the Snow White, which I have to say was a beautiful doll. I started putting all the dolls back up on the shelf, but she didn't want to give up Snow White. What was I going to do? Normally, if I tell her we have to put the toys back for the other children to look at them and she'd give them up. Nope, not this time. I told her that if she's a good girl then maybe she'll get one for her birthday. "Okay, Mommy." she said. As I grabbed it to put it back, she started to cry. Ugh!!! I wouldn't have minded getting it but there were a few small pieces, so I didn't feel comfortable buying it. Luckily, I found a bigger Snow White doll with bigger accessories that was just as cute as the other doll. Fortunately for me, she liked it better. I explained to her, she won't get the doll until her birthday and she seemed okay with it. I have to say, I was surprised she wanted a Snow White. A lot of you know she just adores Little Mermaid, in fact, that is how we even ended up with the Fairy-tale Princess Birthday Party at all. When I was little, I loved Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. I love the fact that my little girl is following in her Mommy's footsteps. I say this because I don't push her in anyway as to what she likes or dislikes. But like me when I was little, she loves dolls and stuffed animals.

I'm refurbishing an old cradle for her baby dolls. I've got pictures on her website of her rocking her baby in the cradle. The cradle isn't in bad condition, it just needs some paint and new material for the bedding. I picked a pretty lavender pattern from WalMart. In a couple of weeks, I hope to check Hobby Lobby's material. I would like to get either a pattern with lavender or pink or both in it to match her bedding set. I also want to get material to make her a no sew blanket and pillow for her baby doll bed.

I previously uploaded a new movie of Katie, titled "Katie - Ring Around the Rosies." Don' forget to scroll up and watch it. It was a funny night with Nick, Doug, Katie & myself. I cut a lot of clips out just to get the funniest on the web. What started it was Nick was on me about not video taping Katie enough. But every time I grab the video camera, she clams up a little. The night I took this video, Katie was in rare form talking to Nick, Doug and myself. She carries so that you can't hardly understand what she's saying. Nick was so tickled at her, he told me I needed to get it on video. Well, I grabbed the camera and sure enough, Katie calmed down. He soon found out what I was talking about. A little later that night, Nick and I got her stirred up again, but it wasn't as good without the video camera. I need to get a few other videos post, to keep me in exercise as to uploading this clips into Google. If you don't do it all the time, you tend to forget.
Take care and enjoy the video.

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