Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Little Princess Katie

Katie loves wearing Mom's shoes. She has pranced around the house with my shoes since she was 18 months old, now she has her own. Millard and Peggy have talked about getting her a pair of play shoes, but were always afraid to get them for her because it says on the package for 3 + years old. Doug and I went ahead and gave them our blessing to get them. I've been keeping up with WalMart's stock on Princess shoes & outfit because I was going to get her a Princess Pretend set for her birthday, if Millard & Peggy decided not to get it. I told them WalMart had just gotten in a new shipment of Sleeping Beauty pretend outfits. Later that week, they came to our house with the outfit. Katie just loves it! She likes her "Princess shoes," what she calls them. They stay mostly on her hand then her feet. I think it's because they are still a little big for her, but they are smaller than my high heel shoes. She pranced around the Living Room after we put her new Princess outfit on. When she was done, she wanted the shirt taken off, but not the skirt. Instead, she would pull the skirt up like a dress. It was funny when she would do it. Millard figured the Princess shirt was too itchy and that's why she didn't want it on. Who knows, but it was funny. By the way I love my husband he is the greatest!!!! (written by Mr. Doug Mason, while I was away from the computer). I've got more photos on Katie's website, so you'll have to check it out.

Do you go through this routine? Our normal routine with Katie at night is the following: After supper, we take a tubby; she gets her jammies on; I get a book and her milk; I put her in her bed and we read a story while she drinks her milk. As most of you know, she may be put to bed at 8:00, but that doesn't mean she actually goes to sleep at 8:00. I'll hear her talk, playing & jumping around until close to 10:00-10:30. Last night, Katie added a new routine to our schedule. When she hollers out, I usually go see what's going on. Most of the time, she's wants more milk or needs another stuffed animal put into bed with her. This time, she needed to go poopy in the potty. I went to change her diaper, but she insisted to go to the potty. Okay, I thought. As soon as I put her down, she tore off to our bedroom and had Daddy rescue her. We let her cuddle up with Daddy for a little while and back to bed she went. Tonight, again she called out that she had to poopy. I finally got to her room and she was already trying to take off her diaper. I thought she had already pooped, so I went to change her. "No, mommy, no!" she said. "I poopy in potty." I repeated what she said to confirm what she wanted to do. "Uh, huh." she said. I remembered what happened last night, so I made sure she went to the bathroom this time instead of the bedroom. I sat her up on the big potty, but she just pee peed a little and that was all. I guess this will be our new ritual - going to the potty before bed.

We watched "America's Got Talent" tonight - so funny! I love the contestants that have such a great imagination. They were showing people from Dallas, TX. The guy originally from Russia, but is currently living in Orlando, FL. As David Hasselhoff puts it, he looked like a giant human intestines. The newest judge is Sharon Osbourne, which I just adore. Doug wants me to add that Ozzy ROCKS! Anyway, tonight is a two hour premiere of the show & I have to say it was a little rocky between Sharon & Piers. It might be all show, but they don't seem to like each other too much. It kind of reminds me of Simon & Paula from "American Idol." Sharon left the stage after Piers blamed a mother for pressuring her 9 year old daughter to perform. The mother & daughter were defending their intensions and Sharon had had enough and left. She said that she didn't sign up for this, Piers dogging a contestant and her mother.

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