Friday, June 8, 2007

Katie at the Park Video - March 2007

Some of you have already seen the pictures on Katie's website of her at the park. Now that I'm learning how to post these video clips on my blog, I thought you would like a little clip. Because of a few youth baseball tournaments, kids were every where not to mention it was the weekend. Katie had a blast being around the other children. Some of the older kids really took up with Katie and helped her out. She loves going to the park, it is our special treat.


Laura said...

I showed Alise Katie's videos off your blog and she just laughed and laughed hysterically! It was so funny to hear her laugh like that. She really liked Katie's skirt trying to go over her head when she was sliding down! Great videos!

The Mason Bunch said...

Laura - thank you for the nice compliment. I'm always happy to give Alise a laugh!