Friday, June 15, 2007

How to Post Personal Videos onto Your Google Blog?

I've had a couple interests as to how I posted my personal videos onto my blog. I typed up some simple instructions and I thought it would be nice to post them, in case someone else has the same question. There are two separate instructions because some of you may not use Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0. I do use Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0, maybe your video editing program will be similiar to Adobe. If you do use Adobe, I will create a separate post with instructions on how to edit your movie clips. I just hope they help. If you need these instructions emailed to you for printing purposes, please let me know (by comment). I will glad to send them to people I know.

How to Post Personal Videos onto Google Blogger from Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0

Open Google’s Video https:

Select "Upload Your Videos." Don't be surprised if you have to sign in. Since this is a Google Program, you use your Google Account Sign in name & password.

Under the Google Video Upload Program, click the link “Upload Video”

Click the button “Upload Your Video”

Under the section: “Video file,” click the “browse” button

Find where your video is saved on the C: drive and open

Type in a “title”

You have to type in a very short “description,” in order for it to take

Select “Genre”

Under “Access,” you must select “Unlisted”

Agree to the Google Video conditions and terms

Click the “Upload Video”

It will take awhile for the video to be uploaded, this is because Google has to approve your video before loading it onto their video program

After it is approved, it will take you to a screen to where you can email the video to someone. You can preview the video, if you wish

In order for it to be posted onto the Google Blogger, you must have the embedded code

Click the link that says “Embed this video on your . . .”

Highlight the embed code, right click on your mouse and select copy

Sign in to your Google Blogger

Select “New Post”

Make sure you are under the “HTML” and not “Compose”, in the body of the text right click on your mouse and paste the code. If it worked, you will see the code on the body of the text. If you would like, type in your text underneath the code

You may have to publish your post in order to make sure the video is there. I don’t think you can preview the video under “Compose”

Don’t be alarmed if at first on the blog the box is black. You may have to select play to buffer and play one time before it will show a picture

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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