Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rain, Glorious Rain!!

I want to take this time and Praise Our Dear Heavenly Father Up Above for hearing our many prayers for rain. It rained most of the day mostly soft and silent, but we have a few welcomed down pours. Needless to say it was a perfect movie day. Katie insisted on watching "Belle" aka "Beauty and the Beast." She not only wanted to watch it once, but twice today. I have to say watching "Belle" was a tight race with "Snow White" because Katie couldn't make up her mind. After Supper, she wanted to watch "Belle" again. You would think she would be tired of "Belle" by now. She gets so excited when the beast is mean to Belle's Dad and takes him to the tower. She'll tell me, "Beast get Paw-Paw." She calls Belle's Dad "Paw-Paw." She calls him that because he has white hair. I know this because any white haired man she comes into contact, she calls them "Paw-Paw." We had to have a tea party with all the stuffed animals and dolls on a pallet in the middle of the Living Room floor. Katie loves playing tea party. Hopefully, she will learn how to play tea party a little better when her table and chairs come in. Right now, when I get everything set out and ready for the party, she'll get right in the middle of the party. I mean right in the middle, on top of the tea pot, cups & plates with play food on it. I've tried to show her differently, but I don't think she comprehends what I'm talking about. To end the day, we read stories and sang songs as well.

I'm in love with a new ice cream! Have you tried Breyer's Double Churn Fat-Free Ice Cream? I picked up 2-1/2 gallon containers, I bought 2 because I wanted to make sure I had some when I have my surgery. I bought the chocolate flavor (of course) and it is so good and creamy. If you haven't tried it, it is a MUST and don't let the little words "Fat-Free" scare you because it is delicious!

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