Monday, June 25, 2007

Lots Done Today

Sorry, I've been out of touch for a few days. Katie is feeling much better, but honestly I don't know how we are handling the terrible twos. I'm to the point to where I'm afraid to get out in the public, she is so embarrassing! Right now, people outside of our little home probably think we are raising a Katiestein (Frankenstein). When it is just me and her, she just loves all over me and is as sweet as sugar. If people come to visit or if I get her out into the public view, Dr. Jekyll comes out of her and I'm completely shocked how she acts. Today, we were at WalMart and as I was looking at material for her doll's bed (I'm refurbishing), she had a complete come apart because I put the material she really liked up. She flung her head back and the alligator tears were just a pouring. I had already given her two previous warnings because she was wanting everything she could get her little hands on. I got the buggy over to the side (hardly any traffic) and slapped her little leg a couple different times because of her behavior. She still wouldn't let up, twisting around in the buggy to where she could get her seat belt off and snatching everything. Earlier (when she was good), I picked up some bubble bath for when her and Alise take a tubby. On the bottom shelf was some tub toys and Katie saw a rubber fish that looked like Nemo. She really wanted the Nemo fish, so I didn't see a problem with it. Yeah, I didn't see a problem until she started acting like a little brat. I gave her two warnings to either straighten up or no Nemo fish. Needless to say, she pushed too many buttons with me and back went the fish. She had a complete meltdown. I don't know if me doing that actually taught her something or not. I hope it really connected with her and her behavior because she really wanted that fish. I hated doing it to her, but I felt it had to be done to show her bad behavior cost her the toy. I felt so bad, I thought it was a good to time to explain to her exactly what had just happened. I kept asking her if she knew why I took the toy away from her. I hope she understood because she wouldn't talk to me. Oh, it doesn't end there. Oh, no! I put her in the car and she was fighting me to buckle her in. Thinking she might be hungry and tired, I asked her if she would want some chicken and fries. "Yes," she said. Okay, here we go. Chickfila is next door to WalMart, so we went in the drive through. On Katie's car seat there's snack holder, so I put a piece of chicken in the holder. She starts, "no, Mommy!" Trying to be patient, I told her that I thought she wanted chicken. Again, "no!" Well, I just left the chicken in the holder, thinking she might change her mind. Sure enough, after she calmed down she ate the chicken. When she seemed to be ready for another piece, I handed it to her. She took the chicken and threw it. I had enough! Yes, I told her "No!" and spanked her leg (not hard). She ate another piece of chicken. I asked her if she wanted a fry and I thought she said "yes." I handed her the fry and she slapped my hand to where the fry went flying through the air. Well, the child not only got another slap on the leg, but a piece of my mind. I gave a 2 mile lecture on our bad behavior problem and how she needs to straighten up or she may not get a birthday party. In her defense, she was tired. As soon as we got home, I put her to bed and she was out like a light, but it is no excuse for her behavior! What do I do? She can be so lovable and sweet, but the terrible twos are destroying my baby!

I have to tell you this story. As you know, we've been talking up the whole big birthday party event with Katie. I name off all the things we are going to do and all the people that are coming to the party. She loves me naming off everyone and she makes sure I don't leave anyone out, especially Grandma Peggy, June & Pat. To back up, Katie has picked up the phrase, "that's mine!" I can't stand to hear children/kids say this phrase; even though, they are going to say it. I figure she's picked up the saying from the children at church. Knowing this, I've been talking to her about Alise coming to visit her on her big day and how Alise will want to play with her toys. I'll ask her, will you let Alise play with your toys? So far, she'll answer yes. What hasn't gotten out of Katie's mind is Alise is coming to see her and play with her toys. Tonight, every time she heard a vehicle drive down the road or the dogs started barking, she thought it was Alise coming to see her. She'd ask me, "Mommy, Alise?" I'd have to tell her, no that's not Alise. I'd remind Katie, "Alise isn't coming today. She's coming for your birthday." When Doug drove up she asked again, "Mommy, Alise?" I'd have to tell her "no, honey that's not Alise." This went on and on, Doug and I thought it was funny. She is so excited to know Alise is coming to see her.

Doug is taking a couple of days off after the 4th of July and he mentioned to take Katie to get her pictures made at Portrait Innovations. I made sure he still wanted to do it and after I got confirmation from him, I made the appointment today. Now, I don't know whether to just take her birthday dress or if I should take a change of clothes with us.

I was going through the Katie's Birthday list. Yes, I have a list. tehe! I went through the list and started wondering about the cake. How much time should I give Publix in advance (so they will make sure they have the kit) to order the cake? I called them up and asked if they could make the cake. Thankfully I called because they didn't have the kit. They would have to order the kit in order the do the cake. Shoo! They went ahead and had me place the order, so I can just pick it up early Saturday morning. I'm glad I got that done.

I got a hair appointment scheduled and tried to get Sassy an appointment from the pet groomer, but Melanie wasn't in today. Getting the cat's hair cut will be the last appointment have to make before the party.

The lady that cuts my hair knows Toni, lady with Parkinson's Disease. I wanted to make sure she knew about Toni being in the hospital and she said she spoke to Toni's ex-husband. He said he found a "Living Will" and he was going to take it to the hospital today or tomorrow and have them remove the ventilator. I have views about Toni's husband, so we won't get into that subject. Hearing this new information today, made me very curious. I called the hospital since I really can't rely on any of her family members (messing situation). Of course, they can't give me any information because she is in the Critical Care Unit. The Receptionist forwarded my call to the CCU waiting room and as expected no one from her family was in the waiting room. I called another friend, Debra, she had not heard of the ex pulling the plug. Even though, it might be best to remove the machines because Toni seems to be in so much pain. Please keep her in your prayers.

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