Thursday, June 14, 2007

Surgery is scheduled!

Today was my consultation with an oral surgeon. I mentioned a while back, I would have all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. I'm having them pulled because during my regular dental cleaning, the hygienist found a cavity on the back of my top right wisdom tooth. It should be a no big deal procedure. The surgery will be done in two weeks. I will be sedated (thank you very much) and Doug will bring me home after the procedure. The nurse assured me, I would feel better in a couple to three days. Katie had a great time this afternoon, getting to play with Grandma Peggy & Paw-Paw Millard. They stayed with her while I was at my meeting. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks!

Did you remember this Sunday is Father's Day? I didn't think about it until June called me yesterday, asking if we were coming over this weekend. What? This weekend, what for? Oops! I forgot about Father's Day! Sorry, Dad & Doug. I've just had a little bit on my mind - having my teeth (I've had since I was 19 years old) yanked out of my head; trying to get Katie over her cold & going over party stuff. I have to do a few errands tomorrow, so maybe we can get some shopping done during that time. Our plans are going to Millard & Peggy's after church for lunch, visit for awhile and head over to Pat & June's for Supper. My Dad loves chocolate covered peanuts. He has been hollering for a little while for Sue to make him some of her delicious homemade choc. covered peanuts. Sue told June, she was making Dad choc. cover peanuts for Father's Day and June got upset because that is what she was going to do for him. I told Sue, wouldn't it be funny if we all three gave him choc. covered peanuts. I think it would be a good gag gift. You have to know my Father! If you buy him something (apparel, gadgets, toys, etc.), he'll throw a fit - "Why did you buy this?" "That's hard to digest!" "You need to put your money away and not spend it on me." This continuous lecture could last for a couple of minutes, depending on what you got him. One year, for Christmas, I thought it would be funny to buy him nothing but food (items he likes to eat) because it is easy to digest and wrap them individually. He had like 6-7 presents from us. After the third gift, he unwrapped from us, everyone was laughing and jokingly asking "What could it be?" "Uh, food, again!" I'm very tempted to do it again, but this time for Father's Day. We will have to see.

I saw Laura's blog and I so excited about the princess party this July! I love either one of the dresses, Laura has picked out (on web). I think Alise will look adorable in either one because they are both blue. I think she looks so pretty in blue, I think it's because of her eyes being blue. Like Laura, I hope the girls will be willing to wear their princess outfits for a little while during the party. Maybe everything will work out! I asked Sue what Leslie was up to the Thursday before the party. I explained to her I was going to need some extra hands. I think I'm going to ask Natalie & Whitney as well, to see if they can help. I've never been too good with streamers (crepe paper), but you can't have a princess party without lots of streamers. I plan to have streamers all throughout the Living Room, Dining Room & Kitchen. Who knows, if the girls go crazy with it, we may have streamers in the Bath Room. tehe! I probably won't have that much time Saturday morning to blow up balloons & I'm not blowing them up myself, like last year. This year, I'm buying two tanks of helium and we will have them blown up that way. I got a terrible headache last year from blowing up so many balloons. We had balloons for nearly two months after that party. I think this year, we might attach a note to these balloons and let them go during or after the party to see where they go. My question is: If I blow the balloons up with helium on Thursday night, will they still look good by Saturday evening? Please let me know what you think? I don't know what time we'll be home Friday night. If we get home at a good time, maybe I can get most if not all blown up that night. I don't know. Oh, I didn't know what to do about Katie's two year old pictures. I haven't scheduled it because I didn't know how this surgery would work out with our schedule, plus we are trying to plan a quick trip to Atlanta with my sister & her family. I know I wanted to get Katie's pictures made by Scrappy Frogs (free sitting fee), but I think it would be wise for me to get a price list from a few photographers. I got to thinking the free sitting fee from Scrappy Frogs may really not save me any money. I may have to wait until after her party to get them made & just mail them out when we get our order in.

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