Sunday, June 3, 2007

"Infidel" by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

This morning on Fox News, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of "Infidel" was interviewed. She explained about her young life as a Muslim in Somalia and watching how the Islamic faith (Quran) teaches the men to beat the Muslim women, especially the free well or ones who thought differently. How she escaped to Holland to begin a whole new life, including becoming a member of parliment. How she wants to spread the word against the Islamic Religion - in order to educate those who are not Muslim and hopefully help free the women in captivity by their own religion. She saw first hand what her Mother and other women went through and she wants it to stop. She confirmed like so many others that are either scholars of this type of religion or once was a believer of this religion that if you are not a member of the Islamic Religion, you are an infidel; therefore, you must be destroyed by death. Yes, it is hard to fathom the thought that someone would try to kill me just because of my religion. They don't have to know me personally and I don't have to do anything wrong. To them, it is my destiny! We try to make excuses, I know I have, that just because a few mislead people that happen to be Muslim went on a killing frenzy doesn't mean everyone else from the same religion is that way. I still don't know a whole lot about the difference between Muslim and Islamic. Are they one and the same? I don't know. I do know Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a book out called "Infidel" available in most big named book stores (Books A Million, Barnes and Noble). I plan to buy this book and hopefully get a better insight on the whole "Infidel." Below is an article from Fox News about a movie director, Theo Van Gogh, that was murdered, shot to death. The murderer was Mohammed Bouyeri. Bouyeri murdered Van Gogh because he became outraged after watching a film "Submission" made by Van Gogh and Hirsi Ali. Now there is a threat against Ayaan Hirsi Ali's life. She is forced to walk around in pulic with a full time body guard to help keep her alive and her message to the world.,4670,NetherlandsSlainFilmmaker,00.html . This is the article I found on Fox News. Since the interview was this morning with Ms. Hirsi Ali, I'm hoping Fox will have the video available to watch tomorrow. I'll have to check it out.

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