Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shop, Shop, Shop!

I got the cutest Lion outfit for Katie to wear for our zoo trip. Gymboree has a bunch of these little tank tops on sale right now. I got this shirt & a matching pair of orange shorts for $12. I didn't think that was too bad. Since Katie loves Lions, we had to get it. It was hard for me to keep my hands from grabbing the Zebra & Giraffe shirts as well. Oh, they had a cute pair of denim Safari Shorts (Zebra & Giraffe). I was tempted to get them, but didn't. Since we're going to the zoo next month, I was afraid she would be too hot in the denim shorts. I also bought the matching corkscrew barrettes. I like Katie's hair up in pig tails, so the corkscrew barrettes work best. Since we were at the mall, we had to stop by the Disney Store. Katie & I love the Disney Store. We just have a field day! She likes to look at all the toys and characters, while I like the sales. They are trying to push the Summer Tiki wears (shirts, plates, silverwear & glasses) out, I guess to get ready for Fall. I had bought Katie an Ariel Tiki plate a while back for around $3. Well now, they had just about everything for $1.99. I went ahead and grabbed a Nemo Tiki plate & plastic glass and Minnie Mouse plastic glass. They also had several select t-shirts on sale for $4.99. I picked up Katie a Minnie Mouse & Ariel T-Shirts, they are cute as can be. Before we headed back home, I needed to go pick up another pack of invites for Katie's party. Would you believe she remembered the store, we bought all of her party supplies? At first, I didn't know what she was talking about. She kept saying something about Mermaid. Then it dawned on me, she remembered buying her Mermaid/Princess stuff here. I put her Teddy Bear harness on and I'm glad I did because as soon as we went inside the store, she went crazy. I couldn't keep her hands still. As soon as I found the invites, I handed them to her and thankfully I did because it kept her hands busy. Right now, Sam's Club is selling a wide selection of Dr. Seuss hardcover books for $5.97 or you can get 4 small board books for $12.97 (approximately). I can't remember the exact prices on these. I wanted to start introducing Katie to Dr. Seuss books. I've checked out several Dr. Seuss from the Library in the past, but she never seemed that interested in them. I couldn't pass up this offer, so I got her "Put Me In The Zoo." I figured with her love for animals, she might like reading the story. I guess we'll see.

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Laura said...

Great minds think alike!! Alise and I went to Gymboree after I picked her up from school and I got her the giraffe tank top. I thought she could wear it to the zoo, too!! But I had to pay full price for mine because the $8 sale went off at our store on Sunday. However, they had tons of .99 and 1.99 and 2.99 bends at the front of the store and I got Alise sunglasses, socks, and barrettes and bows really cheap! Save your money and let's go at the Galleria in July!!